In 2008, Hengli has firmly information technology industrialization direction. Taking advantage of industrial digital transformation, Hengli Manufacturing continues to use the industrial Internet to open up all links of internal and external management. In recent years, it has realized the transformation from traditional to informationization, from informationization to automation, from automation to intelligence, from intelligence to digitalization, with a large scale of digital application and practice, and has its own digital management system and ability in market timely response, rational allocation of resources, strategic intelligent decision-making and other aspects.


The future is the digital competition. In the window period of historical opportunities, Hengli will continue to integrate advantageous resources and improve its own development. In terms of manufacturing, it will get through the integration of data related to people, equipment and products to realize the digitalization of manufacturing links. At the organizational level, the organizational structure and process should be reshaped to realize the digital platform between departments, teams and teams, people and machines, so as to activate the organizational efficiency and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise.


In 2008

In the beginning of informatization, Hengli keeps up with the pace of the times and transforms the traditional manual into information system management


In 2010

Through the online bar code, on-site office, optimize the entry of documents, constantly optimize their own management system


In 2012

Through on-line HR, machine room and line transformation, the company's wireless network coverage is realized


In 2014



In 2016

On-line BPM, get through the whole workflow of HR/ERP/BPM


In 2018

Henan information copy company model


In 2020

PLM upgrade, overall company room network transformation (super fusion/device networking), encryption online


In 2022

MES, lighting, data mining, sail soft, nesting software, processing equipment integrated comprehensive platform

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