Hangzhou Hengli Metal Processing Co., Ltd,Digital Factory Launch Conference

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On July 6, 2023, the "Zhejiang Hengli Metal Technology Co., Ltd. Digital Factory Launch Conference" was held on the third floor of the company cafeteria, marking a significant step towards the upgrade and development of intelligent manufacturing in the digital factory.

The conference was attended by General Manager Mr. Ge, Vice General Manager Mr.

Lai, management personnel at all levels, department representatives, and the project implementation team.

一. Opening Ceremony: CEO's Address

"The 'Digital Factory Launch Conference of Zhejiang Hengli Metal Technology Co., Ltd.' was hosted by Manager Mr. Pan from the Information Center.

Firstly, General Manager Mr. Ge combined Hengli's development plan, business philosophy, and current situation to encourage team members to participate in the digital factory project, emphasizing its importance and necessity. Additionally, he highlighted the professional digital transformation plan and extensive practical experience, aiming to jointly build a digital factory that achieves deep integration of management, operations, decision-making, and personnel growth, ultimately improving the level of business management."


二、Project summary planning of Hengli and Party B


Hengli's planning project summary is conducted by Manager Mr. Pan from the Information Center, which provides a detailed description, construction, and implementation of the MES system. The goal is to achieve efficient information interaction for product manufacturing control and enterprise operation management, enhance comprehensive real-time sharing of production and operation information, and assist the company in improving quality, increasing efficiency, enhancing core competitiveness, and meeting the internal needs of cost reduction and efficient management.

The implementation of this project follows the principles of "business-oriented, IT-assisted" and "step by step, continuous improvement". Everyone can contribute their wisdom to the project, and key users should not complain, but rather provide more suggestions and work in a highly collaborative and closely coordinated manner, with tasks as the guide, ensuring the coordination and progress of each task.

The project summary of Party B's planning is explained by the project leaders responsible for WMS, WCS, OA, data center, and network server hardware modules.


3 Swearing, signing, and taking a group photo to commemorate.


"General Manager Mr. Ge and the members of the project team pledge: 'We will closely follow the digital development strategic plan of Hengli, resolutely implement the decisions of the project team, and fulfill the requirements of the project team. With a positive, proactive, open, and inclusive attitude, full of spirit and enthusiasm, we will complete tasks without discount, avoid delays in matters, lead by example, and go all out to achieve the established goals of the project on time and with quality, contributing to the successful launch of the digital factory of Zhejiang Hengli.'"

Pledge completed, please sign.




Let's take a group photo to commemorate.


Hangzhou Hengli Metal Processing Co., Ltd. Digital Factory Launch Conference" was successfully held, marking an important milestone in Hengli's digital transformation journey and demonstrating the company's solid progress in building a "digital enterprise". As a leading enterprise in the industry that pioneers intelligent manufacturing, Hengli will continue to adapt to the new trend of digital development, promote continuous transformation towards intelligence and digitization, and create a new benchmark in the domestic "digital factory" industry, becoming a digitally competitive enterprise.

Let us look forward to the comprehensive intelligence of Hengli together!


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