The 14th Autumn Workers' Games of Hangzhou Hengli Metal Processing Co., Ltd

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The 14th Autumn Workers' Games of Hangzhou Hengli Metal Processing Co., Ltd


Hangzhou Hengli Metal Processing Co., Ltd. warmly held the 14th Autumn Workers' Games On October 29th. The event was themed with "participation, cohesion, unity, and fighting" and "professionalism, integrity, responsibility, and innovation", showed a passionate and dynamic sports feast. This is a grand event where strength and passion collide, as well as a demonstration of team spirit and self challenge.

In the morning of that day, all departments gathered in the company and walked to the competition site orderly.


Opening ceremony

There are a total of 13 teams participating in this sports meeting, including the vibrant Future Star team, the calm and steady referee team, the energetic administrative team, the youthful and beautiful Longyuan Hengxiao team, the resilient Gangyi team, the passionate profiling workshop team, the spirited warehouse and sample production team, the courageous paint workshop team, the passionate machining workshop team, and the magnificent welding workshop team,the first lively laser workshop one team, the second realistic and pragmatic welding workshop team, and the second positive laser workshop team. They all come from various Subsidiaries, departments, and workshops under Hengli group.

At the opening ceremony, employees dressed in neat uniforms entered the site in high spirits. They held their heads high, their eyes firm, and walked through the chairmans podium with powerful steps. They demonstrated their courage with loud slogans, and they received warm applause from the leaders and audience. This is not only an encouragement for their enthusiastic participation, but also a praise for the team spirit they have demonstrated.



Delivery a opening speech

The opening ceremony of this sports was delivered by our companys general Manager,Mr. Ge, who delivered an enthusiastic speech. Mr. Ge led us through a review of the company's past and new factory construction projects, allowing employees to feel the rapid development of the company. He also expressed the important role of sports events in improving employees' physical fitness and cultivating team spirit. He encourages all participants to promote a spirit of hard work and strive for excellence.


Future Star

At the opening ceremony of the sports, a team composed of children was particularly eye-catching. They were dressed in uniform, holding the Hengli flag in their hands, and their faces were filled with innocent smiles. This team was specially arranged by the company for this sports meet. It is composed of employees' children, symbolizing the company's future and hope, as well as the close connection between employees' families and the company. The children's performances were full of childlike fun and vitality, adding an endless atmosphere of joy to the entire sports meet. The company has also prepared a variety of sports equipment for this group of children as small gifts for them.


On the spot

This sports event is divided into professional and fun competitions. There are a total of 11 competition events, 9 professional competitions, and 2 fun competitions.

In the tense and exciting competition, the audience cheered for every exciting moment and applauded for every struggle. The athletes shed sweat on the field, writing touching chapters with their passion and determination. Behind each competition, their perseverance and courage to move forward are reflected.


Award Ceremony

At the award ceremony, leaders and guests presented medals and certificates to the winners, highly praising their hard work and outstanding achievements. This is also a reward for their hard work and recognition of their teamwork spirit.



Closing Ceremony

At the end of the sports meeting, our companys general Manager, Mr. Ge, affirmed and praised the work of this sports meeting. Mr. Ge thanked all participants for their enthusiastic participation and hard work, and praised the athletes for their spirit of hard work and teamwork. Mr. Ge stated that this sports meeting not only showed the spiritual style of all colleagues at Hengli, but also consolidated their team strength, enhanced their centripetal force, and enhanced the friendship between colleagues,hoping that all employees and friends will uphold and carry forward the spirit of never giving up, moving forward, and high fighting spirit reflected in the sports meet in their future work, life, and new journey. With full enthusiasm, high fighting spirit, and a spirit of hard work, we will achieve a wonderful life, and use diligence and wisdom to achieve new leaps and create new brilliance for Hengli


Signing ceremony

The final stage of this conference is the "Signature Activity", with the theme of "Professionalism, Integrity, Responsibility, and Innovation". We hereby advocate to all Hengli people: adhering to the core values of professionalism, integrity, responsibility, and innovation, let us unite together to achieve the company's core values and make the contributions that we Hengli people should have.


Let's once again like the hard work and outstanding performance of all participants! Let's look forward to the next Henglis Games and believe that in future competitions, we will see more exciting moments and touching stories!

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