Hangzhou Hengli Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. Annual Meeting: Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves, Building Dreams and M

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As time goes by,

in the long run,

a new journey will begin.

January 27, 2024

Hangzhou Hengli Manufacturing Technology Co.,Ltd Annual Ceremony Held at Hangzhou LongxuanYuan Hotel Management Co.,Ltd!

The annual ceremony is divided into three chapters:annual commendation conference, live performance and dinner party.

Leaders and all staff of Hangzhou Hengli Manufacturing Technology Co.,Ltd. gathered together to look back to 2023 and look forward to 2024.


The 2023 annual ceremony of Hangzhou Hengli Manufacturing Technology Co.,Ltd was a great success!

The success is not possible without a group of loving partners who are diligent in work and multi-talented in life.

They present us the stories that belong to Hengli people by dancing, singing, playing and sincere recitation.



Annual Commendation Conference


The conference officially started at 12:00 p.m. This conference was opened by Mr. Ge, the general manager of the company, who reviewed the brilliant achievements of the company in the past year with affectionate language. He emphasized the power of the team and the hard work of every employee, and it is these valuable forces that drive the company forward. At the same time, Mr. Ge also put forward higher expectations and goals for the future development, motivating every employee to continue to work hard and create a more brilliant tomorrow.


Hengli has always been adhering to the principle of "position is given according to ability, achievement is conferred according to merit", and is well aware of the value of each person who has worked hard . Today, we are gathered here to present awards to those groups and individuals who have made outstanding achievements in 2023. These awards include the Ten Years of Merit Award, the Advanced Collective Award, the Outstanding Team Leader Award, the Outstanding Employee Award, the Quality Pioneer Award, the Golden Idea Award for Rationalization Suggestions, the Full Year Attendance Award, and the Welding Competition Award, which recognize the outstanding representatives who have been united and collaborative, not afraid of hard work, brave in innovation, and have played an exemplary role in leading the way in their work. Let's applaud them together and pay tribute to their hard work and outstanding contributions.


Live Performance

On tonight's stage, a feast of unparalleled performances is being staged. The elegance of the dance and the fancy of the song are intertwined, bringing the audience a double feast of vision and hearing. Every dance step and every note seemed to be given life as they jumped and rotated on the stage, making people feel as if they were in a beautiful dreamland.

Opening Song


When the warm sun of spring sprinkles the earth, everything revives, and everything is full of vitality and hope. The sun is like the most beautiful picture, giving us endless power and inspiring us to move forward. Under the singing of two excellent singers,Ge Tianyu and Lai Pengzhen, we are immersed in the wonderful melody, feel the power from the sun, and let it inspire us to keep moving forward to meet every new challenge. May we all reveal our best selves in the light of the sun.


Leadership Chorus





In this joyful and touching moment, we have specially invited the company's leadership, who will sing a heartfelt song - "My Motherland and I" together to end this ceremony. This song is not only a praise to the motherland, but also an emotional support for every Chinese. With their sincere singing, the members of the leadership conveyed their deep feelings for the motherland and expressed their good wishes for the future development of the company.

At the end of the song, the whole audience broke out into a warm applause, which is a tribute to the members of the leadership, but also to the love of the motherland and the company's blessings. At this special moment, we witnessed a united, progressive and energetic team, and also felt the infinite love and blessing for the motherland and the company. May the motherland prosper, may the company flourish, and may the dreams of each of us come true in this wonderful era!

Dinner Party


The success of this annual ceremony cannot be separated from the hard work and unity of every Hengli person. In this big family, we support each other, grow together, and write the company's brilliant history together. Looking to the future, we are full of confidence, hand in hand, to create more brilliant results. Let us remember this wonderful moment together! May the future of Hengli bloom more brilliantly under the joint efforts of all of us!


In this conference, we not only witnessed a wonderful performance, but also offered a special gift for the performers - an exquisite luggage. This gift is not only an affirmation of their talent, but also a thank for their hard work. It not only represents the company's attention and care to each employee, but also symbolizes the beautiful memories we created together and the unlimited possibilities of the future. Let's applaud these talented performers and look forward to more wonderful performances in the future.


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