Project Case

Special vehicles

It mainly focus on profiling, forming and welding of medium and thick plates/profiles.
It has the ability to process 100000 tons of steel annually, and the material processing thickness is 1mm - 400mm,
Providing high-quality processing services for well-known brand enterprises such as Aichi and Altec.


Mainly focus on blanking, forming, welding and surface treatment of medium and thick plates/profiles. At present, our company is equipped with a professional production line with an annual output of 20000 sets of frames, which has provided supporting processing services for well-known forklift enterprises at home and abroad.

Forest logging machinery

Our company has good experience in processing structural components of forest logging machinery, with mature welding technology, with surface treatment

Water and electricity equipment

It mainly focuses on the cutting and blanking of thick plates, oil pressure leveling, welding and machining. Our company has the ability to cut 400MM steel plates, has the welding qualification certificates such as ASME and TUV, and has successively provided supporting processing services for world-famous new energy enterprises such as GE.

Agricultural machinery

Mainly forming and welding. Our company has introduced 6 welding robots to provide high-quality services to well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as AGCO and Aole. With the company's business development, our company plans to introduce more welding robots to meet customers' requirements for high-quality.
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