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The Power of Belief

Time is endless, and the movement of heaven and earth has its natural laws. After a long period of depression, we greet the 2023, which is full of uncertainty.

Three years of intensive epidemic prevention, we entered the difficult stage of "make a breakthrough" now, the news around us, the distant news are hard to let go, COVID-19 brought us, not only economic losses, but also cognitive tearing and spiritual trauma. At this moment, the public mood is inevitably dominated by panic, pessimism and hesitation, becoming confused. How to judge the economic trend and how to adjust the enterprise strategy? We need to look at the present and foresee the future from a higher perspective. Here, I would like to extend the theme of the 2022 New Year's Message and continue to share the key words with you: Belief.

We believe because of what we have seen.

During this year, the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, which attracted worldwide attention, concluded successfully. We have seen the great courage of the century-old party to make self-revolution. We believe that China will have a stable expectation in the next five years.

Towards the end of the year, we have seen a quiet shift in epidemic prevention strategy. “All-out for economic" has become a consensus. The will of the nation and the aspirations of the people are converging, become a trend. We believe that China's economy will emerge from the downturn and recover its vitality.

Over the past four years, we have seen little progress in the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port. We have seen Hainan return to the spotlight of the times. People from all walks of life have gathered on the Hainan Island to itch to try. We believe Hainan will have a better future.

These are all seeing is believing, from the truth to believe. There are many times when we haven't seen it, and we still have reason to believe it.

Belief is based on the recognition of objective laws. "We live in a rapidly changing era. The best way to cope with change is to grasp the unchanging things that lie behind the phenomena." Zhang Weiying said. Uncertainty about the future is still outstanding, and there are triple pressures of shrinking demand, supply shocks and weaker expectations, but we can always grasp something that remains unchanged: Just as spring will come as scheduled after winter, the people's desire to return to normal life has not changed, the people's desire to pursue a better life will not change, where the needs cannot be met, there will be our business opportunities. Based on this understanding, in the market downturn, ZOSE Cinemas took the lead in opening another 4 movie theaters in 2022, becoming a few film investment enterprises expanding against the market; ZOSE Pictures cooperated with the domestic first-line team to invest 24 episodes of the network short drama " Inferior to the General's Love," which will be broadcast in 2023; ZOSE Culture selects professional teams from all over the country to start the creation of "Su Dongpo" performing arts, film and television plays; With an investment of 220 million Yuan, ZOSE Real Estate completed the Phase II project of ZOSE· Golden Bay. The project passed the acceptance at the end of the year successfully.

Belief is the power come from partners. The 26-year growth of ZOSE Group depends on the support of its staff. In the past three years, affected by the COVID-19 situation, the business is intermittent and the livelihood is difficult. In the darkest moment, the cinema had not opened for seven months, and the ZOSE·Golden Bay Project has been closed for half a year. In such difficult circumstances, we did not give up, thousands of staff together, encourage each other, grateful to move forward. Optimize business process, find breakthrough direction, innovate consumption scenario, improve management level, practice internal skill and welcome tomorrow.

Because of belief, we saw Hainan ZOSE International Cinema (Golden Palm) reopened. Because of belief, we saw a more mature team after tempering, saw their courage to face the future. "If I believe something to be faithful, even it may be as difficult as moving a mountain or draining a sea, I will one day bring it to pass." This sentence comes from Dr. Sun Yat-sen, once quoted by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and is about the power of belief.

The power of belief is not idealism or chicken soup for the soul. It is a kind of courage to break the sense of security, escape from the comfort zone, accept imperfection and embrace uncertainty. It is a kind of firm mentality and will to move forward. Pessimists are often correct, optimists always move forward, inner strength, forward direction. Only forward, can see the higher scenery, only forward, can create a better future!

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