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Activity Seeing a Movie to Get a Gift Will Start

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2014-04-14

Do you remember the MG3 car parking in Haikou ZOSE cinema hall? This attracted car found its host finally. On 12th April noon, the "Seeing a movie to get a gift" first season donated car ceremony and the second season launching ceremony was held in Haikou ZOSE cinema, more than 300 movie fans witness this exciting moment.
In donating ceremony, Mr. Lin Xiangdong who is the Hainan ZOSE cinema general manager introduced the activity situation, Haikou ZOSE cinema was very popular since opened on 6th Jan., also gained the weekend box office king, and created No.2 of daily box office of IMAX cinema China. The activity named "Seeing a movie to get a gift" also got warm response, we have sold more than 6000 VIP card within 3 months, Mr. Guo draw the grand prize which is a car.
In order to reward fans''enthusiastic, the second season of " Seeing a movie to get a gift " will start. New members conduct the drill card, golden card or old members recharge 1000 RMB, all these members can get lottery chance, the second season activity''s grand prize are 5 iPhone 5s, so fashion prize.










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