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The CPC Hainan Committee Theoretical Center Group Saw Drama Named Jiao Yulu at Hainan Provincial Theater

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2014-07-01


On the evening of 30th June, 2014, play “Jiao Yulu” premiered at Hainan provincial theater. Provincial secretary of party Luo Baoming, deputy secretary Li Xiansheng, Provincial party committee member Xiao Ruohai, Xu Jun, Chen Ci, Ma Yongxia, Li Xiuling, Mao Chaofeng, Sun Xinyang, some provincial leaders and some party numbers of Provincial authorities saw the play together.
Drama “Jiao Yulu” opened with the cold north wind, First scenario showed the Lan Kao railway station. Jiao Yulu’s heart was torn by common people fleeing from famine, he must make a choice which is block the way of fleeing, or let them leave Lan Kao, Jiao Yulu Always adhere to the spirit of realistic.
The CPC Hainan Committee Theoretical Center Group spent a special Party Day through seeing drama. This is the part of mass line of educational practice, meanwhile, it show us the achievements of Hainan “Chinese Dream” artistic creative activities.




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