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Chairman of Hainan ZOSE Group and Hainan Government Delegation Visited to Taiwan for Exchange

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2015-07-29


From 19 to 25 July, 2015, at the invitation of Taiwan CICD, vice- governor of Hainan province Wang Lu and principals of Hainan educational department, Department of culture radio television publication and sports of Hainan province, Taiwan affairs office of Hainan province and Hainan ZOSE Group visited to Taiwan about the culture and education exchange between Hainan province and Taiwan province for seven days, promoting the cooperation of culture creative industry.


Delegation met with Straits Exchange Foundation, Cross-Straits Common Market Foundation, CICD, New Taipei City Education Bureau and NCKU etc., furthermore, they had field visit at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, National Palace Museum, Aboriginal Culture Village, Nantou Taomi Community, Buddha memorial hall and National Museum of Taiwan Literature etc., they had an informal discussion about humor history development in Taiwan and culture creative industry development, listening to the advices and suggestions of Taiwan people about the exchange and cooperation between Hainan province and Taiwan province, hoping to promote culture and education integrated development.







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