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Hainan Maximum Dolby Atoms · ZOSE Giant Screen Cinema opened in Danzhou

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2015-11-17


November 11, 2015, Danzhou ZOSE International Cinema which is the first ZOSE Giant Screen Cinema opened in Danzhou Summer International Commercial Plaza, this is the second five- star cinema ZOSE Cinemas have in Danzhou.
Our cinema is located in the 6 Floor,Summer International Commercial Plaza, Lanyang N. Rd, Danzhou, which is decorated luxuriously. The operating area is 4000 square meters, it contains 1 Dolby Atoms Giant screen, 4 professional digital screens, 907 seats. Our cinema is equipped with high definition, high brightness import digital high-end audio and video equipment, it adopts international spectator and screen design and luxurious aircraft seats, it provide customers with quality movie culture experience.
The established of cinema marked Danzhou has been Giant Screen Era.







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