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The Chairman of Hainan ZOSEGroupLiu Wenjun attended the press conference of the performance season of social benefiting

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2010-09-28

The three months’ Island Merry Song season which was guided by Propaganda Department of Hainan Committee of the CPC, sponsored by Department of Culture Radio Television Publication and Sports of Hainan Province and the People’s Government of Haikou City, undertook by Hainan ZOSE Cultural Communication stock CO., LTD, Haikou Culture Radio Television Publication and Hainan Province Sports Bureau and Management Center of Culture and Sport Parks. Hainan Province Department of Culture Radio Television Publication and Sports held the press conference on September 27, and declared that the opening ceremony and the first performance would be held at Hainan Provincial Theater on September 28.


In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the public and promote the construction of International Tourism Island, the Island Merry Song season would be arranged more than 30 performances in three months.






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