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Famous artist Hong Bo held Loitering Clouds in Mountains Paintings Exhibition

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2013-09-30

Hong Bo, a famous artist who was known as the representative of Chinese Painting Neoclassicism, held Loitering Clouds in Mountains Paintings exhibition at Poly Art Center on September 8, 2013. This art exhibition was sponsored by Chinese Painting Institute, Poly Art Center and Hainan ZOSE Group. On the opening ceremony, Hong Bo, Sun Ke, Shao Dazhen and other famous art critics, scholars, Chairman of Hainan ZOSE Group, Liu Wenjun, Executive Director of Beijing Poly Auction CO., LTD, Zhao Xu, Deputy Curator of Poly Art Museum, Wan Liqun, Director of China International Cooperation Center, Ke Zhihua, other representatives from art institutes and collectors attended the opening ceremony and symposium. The participants of the meeting gave high evaluation to the works of Hong Bo. The works were also well received and adored by the collectors.

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