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The Song of ZOSE was successfully recorded

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2012-10-25


The Song of Hainan ZOSE Group Support and help each other was successfully recorded at Beijing on October 21, 2012.

The 2012 is the 16th Anniversary of Hainan ZOSE Group. In order to improve enterprise cohesive force and promote enterprise spirit, the group decided to solicit contribution of company song among staffs. After one month competition, the song of Support and help each other which was co-created by the Chairman of Hainan ZOSE Group Liu Wenjun, the General Manager of Hainan ZOSE Advertising Qin Jiming and the Vice President of Hainan ZOSE Group Xu Jianrong, won the high affirmation from professional judges.

Hainan ZOSE Group attached great importance to the creation work of this company song and invited the famous musician Li Shaoping for the music composition and invited the popular music star of National Navy Arts Troupe of Political Department Gu Liya and the famous star of Opera Troupe of General Political Department of PLA Tang Zixing to sing the song.






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