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The expansion project of Wenjun Hope School was completed

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2012-11-28


The expansion project of Wenjun Hope School of Sinan, Guizhou was successfully completed and the 9th Sports Meeting of Sinan School was also held at the new campus.

The predecessor of Wenjun Hope School is Shuangtang Primary School which was buit in 1960s. In order to improve education conditions of hometown and develop education career, the Chairman of Hainan ZOSE Group, Liu Wenjun donated 1,000,000RMB, the famous painting and school supplies valued millions of Yuan in 2006. He also rebuilt and beautified the campus and changed its name to Wenjun Hope School.

At present, the school covers an area of 47 acres, 2471 square meter’s building area, 900 square meter’s basketball court, 4000 square meter’s sports ground. Besides, the school has 16 teaching classes with more than 600 students, 72 teachers. The Wenjun School is the biggest primary school around Sinan Area.






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