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The proposal from Liu Wenjun helped to set up the National-class Advertising Industry Park in Hainan Province

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2013-03-05

The proposal of setting up a national-class advertising industry park in Hainan which was submitted by Liu Wenjun one year ago has a result during the Two Sessions of NPC and CPPCC.

State Administration for Industry & Commerce and the People''s Government of Hainan Province signed a strategic cooperation agreement on setting up the national-class advertising industry park. to promote the development of the advertising industry of Hainan Province. The Director of State Administration for Industry & Commerce  Zhou Bohua, the Deputy Secretary of Hainan Committee of the CPC and Governor of Hainan Province Jiang Dingzhi attended the signing ceremony. The Deputy Director of State Administration for Industry & Commerce Gan Lin and the Deputy Governor of Hainan Province Ji Linwen signed the agreement.

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