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Yacht, wine and model show, the elites came together to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Establishment of V-island Magazine

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2013-07-17


V-island magazine held the 2nd Anniversary Ceremony of Establishment at yacht club of Xinbudao, Haikou on July 13th,2013. And this was also one of the ceremony events for the Celebration of The 17th Anniversary of Hainan ZOSE Group.

As the first human life and culture monthly magazine in Hainan, V-island magazine is mainly focus on the global island humanities phenomenon and the high quality life, takes digging and spread Hainan regional culture as its own responsibility, interprets the essence of island culture with professional perspective and finds the different charms of islands. In just two years, V-island magazine becomes an influential brand.
In the process of the magazine growth, many industry leaders,media colleagues, cooperative enterprises have given so many great help. In the day of the event, 180 distinguished guests from various fields of life joined and shared the joyful moment of celebration together.

In the 2nd Anniversary celebration, V-island magazine elite club was also announced to establish. This was the first attempt that V-island magazine will pay more attention to serve the core readers and will organize more activities to enhance the links between the magazine and readers, the media and enterprises.

Over 180 guests enjoyed wine and sumptuous buffets, felt the joy and warm summer night. At the end of the event, a dazzling fireworks bloomed in the sky, which enhanced the whole atmosphere to the climax, and also wished of V-island magazine will be better in future.

















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