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ZOSE Golden Bay project put forward inside selling to return the good beginning

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2013-05-07


In order to express the care and concern about the social communities and group staffs, Danzhou ZOSE Golden Bay of Hainan ZOSE Group put forward the selling concept “People Create, People Participate, People Share, Whole Staff Promote” and began the inside selling in the May Day holidays.

The first guests who came to the project site were the Chairman Chen and other businessmen. The General Manager of Danzhou Guanghua Real Estate CO.,Ltd Liu Jun, the Director of Operation Department Zhang Lei gave a warmest welcome to them. Firstly, the Chairman Chen spoke highly of the project and expressed his purchase intention, and he also invited that Danzhou Guanghua Real Estate participates in the special introduction meeting of Changshun County, Guizhou to let more Guizhou people know and invest more in Hainan. Besides, the Chairman Chen also reserved three houses through this reception project.





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