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The Southernmost Movie Paradise Sanya Zose International Cinema Opens Today

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2014-08-02

On Aug 2, 2014, Sanya Zose International Cinema opened at southernmost city in China, until this Zose Cinemas has Haikou, Sanya Cinemas. Sanya Zose Cinema was constructed at a cost of 35 million, it is the highest grade of the decoration, the most advanced film equipment and max seating capacity five star flagship stores.
Sanya Zose International Cinema is located in No. 1 Gangwancheng, 136# Yu Ya Avenue Sanya, Cinema has 7 halls which are 1 IMAX digital video hall, 5 super-large screen digital video halls and 1 lovers digital video hall, 1382 seats totally. You can see indomitable huge screen, big slope of the seat design, screen is fully covered by the audience perspective. Our cinema will bring a new, unmatched ultimate movie experience to audience.
Over the past ten years, there are many movies shooting at Sanya, but urban district has not been a match of high-end cinema. Sanya Zose Cinema fill gaps of this market, will become a new landmark of Sanya culture and entertainment, it will enhance the Sanya urban culture and enrich people ''s spiritual and cultural life and tourists which are positive contribution.





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