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The opneing of Danzhou ZOSE Cinema

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2012-07-12


DanZhou Zose Cinema Opening Ceremony was held on July 12th,2012. The Inspector of Department of Culture, Radio, Television, Publication and Sports of Hainan Province Wang Binglin, the Secretary of Danzhou Municipal Committee Zhang Qi, the Mayor Yan Zhaojun, the Vice Mayor Zheng Gang, the Vice President of Danzhou Municipal People’s Congress Lin Mingzhong, the former Director of First Inspection Group of Provincial Party Committee Zhang Hao and the leaders of Municipal Committee, Municipal Government, Municipal People’s Congress and Municipal Committee of CPPCC, the responsible persons of related departments and the representatives of cinemas and provincial film company system attended the opening ceremony.

Danzhou ZOSE Cinemas is invested and built by Hainan ZOSE Group, is the first five-star digital cinema in the west of Hainan. It has 5 movie halls, 717 seats and first-class facilities. After the opening, the local people of Danzhou will have chances to watch the latest movies and enjoy the high quality audio-visual experience.









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