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Haikou ZOSE IMAX, the 3rd largest IMAX cinema in China

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2013-06-07



( Reporter Wei Xiaolin) In mid-May, the first Hainan  IMAX hall of Haikou ZOSE IMAX International Cinema which will be the national third-largest IMAX hall is being carried out after IMAX Corporation signed the contract with Hainan Zose Group Cinema. It is planed to open at the end of year, the cinema will have a 498-seats IMAX hall with exclusive metallic screen and five other movie halls, which adds another highlight to the Haikou tourism culture.


 Haikou Zose IMAX International Cinemas is located at Guoxing Avenue of Haikou. The IMAX hall of Haikou ZOSE International Cinema is known as the 3rd  largest IMAX hall of the country by now. 

Chen Jiande the Chief Executive of IMAX Corporation in China said that Haikou Zose IMAX International Cinema has the huge IMAX hall with almost 500 seats, is completely compliance with the idea of "let the audiences go into the film" of IMAX, creates a bigger screen than the actual images which will make both local audiences and tourists  enjoy the striking film experience. Therefore, this 3rd  largest IMAX hall of China, not only fills the gaps in Hainan high-end theater, but also adds another highlight to the Haikou tourism culture.


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