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The first IMAX cinema- Haikou ZOSE International Cinema begin trial operation on January 6

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2014-01-06


The long-awaited Haikou ZOSE International Cinema finally opened its mysterious veil and went into trial operation On January 6, 2014. The opening of Haikou ZOSE International Cinema stands for the HaiKou movie industry is entering to IMAX era, and becoming a new benchmark for Haikou film industry. It’s also an important measure of nationwide radiation plan of Hainan ZOSE Cinema Chains.

The Haikou ZOSE International Cinema is located in Haikou GuoXing Avenue, next to the Hainan Provincial Theatre. It covers an area of 7100 square meters with 1406 seats, and was built according to 5-star standard decoration. It possesses one IMAX digital hall, four large-screen digital halls, and one high-end luxury VIP auditorium. The total investment of 70 million Yuan makes it the largest and most advanced cinema in Hainan.
IMAX hall of Cinema occupies 1-3 floors that can accommodate 469 spectators.  And the hall owns a 299 square meters’ screen which is four times of the ordinary screens and the third largest commercial IMAX screen in China. In addition to the IMAX hall, all the other halls selected 2K (Christie) imported digital projectors. With the strongest Dolby digital stereo sound system, spectators can experience extremely shocking audio visual effects.

Before the trial operation, cinema is more than ready for the audience to experience the well-known movies and attractive IMAX trailers. In just 50 minutes’ time, the immersive experience of unimaginable images, the most vivid earth-shattering sound will bring audience to the Arctic and exposure to space.

In addition, the ''''Watch Movies, Awards Car'''' membership gratefulness activities will start with the trial operation. As long as join the membership, you can join lucky draw. Every 5,000 lucky draw cards contains MG3 car, iPad mini, LCD TV, automatic washing machine, double-door refrigerators and other fantastic prizes.

The cinema not only possesses first-class hardware facilities, but also provides attentive service. Each member can enjoy the intimate comprehensive VIP services and various favorable activities, as a weekly members'' favorite videos, favorite movie star meeting, priority of booking tickets, etc.The1000 parking spaces with 3 hours free parking makes every audience enjoy unlimited movie entertainment experience.

Address: No. 68, GuoXing Avenue , HaiKou, Hainan, next to the Hainan Province Theater.

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