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The first day of Haikou ZOSE Cinema made a hit

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2014-01-07


Haikou’s first IMAX theater and the flagship store of ZOSE - Haikou ZOSE International Cinema had a first day’s trial operation for Haikou citizens on Jan. 6, 2013. The cinema were burst with popularity throughout the day, more than two thousand people got viewing admission, and nearly one thousand of IMAX funs experienced in the IMAX hall which was the thirdly largest commercial IMAX screen in China.

The IMAX hall of Cinema occupies 1-3 floors that can accommodate 469 spectators.  And the hall owns a 299 square meters’ screen which is four times of the ordinary screens and the third largest commercial IMAX screen in China. In addition to the IMAX hall, all the other halls selected 2K (Christie) imported digital projectors. With the strongest Dolby digital stereo sound system, spectators can experience extremely shocking audio visual effects. The first day of IMAX hall was filled with screams from the audiences, many viewers praise that this is the most fantastic movie experience they ever had in Haikou.

The favorable activity and infinite charm of IMAX attracted a lot of citizens. The member card promotion activities Watch Movies, Awards Car was also crowed with people from the early day of the trial operation. It is reported that the cinema has handled 50 diamond membership cards, more than 60 gold membership cards and nearly 150 various kinds of membership cards only in the 6th day, showing a strong popularity.

The Haikou ZOSE International Cinema is located in Haikou GuoXing Avenue, next to the Hainan Provincial Theatre. It covers an area of 7100 square meters with 1406 seats, and was built according to 5-star standard decoration. It possesses one IMAX digital hall, four large-screen digital halls, and one high-end luxury VIP auditorium. The total investment of 70 million Yuan makes it the largest and most advanced cinema in Hainan.


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