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The Group’s headquarters organize the staff to go to the Five-Finger Mountains for outdoor development activities

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2017-09-27

To enhance the staff's sense of belonging, promote team cohesion and develop group ideas and exertions spirits, the Group Labor Union organized a one-day drifting development activity in the Five-Finger Mountains for the nearly 60 staff from various departments such as group quarters, cultural department, advertisement department, mortgage department.

After a long more than four hours of trek, the development team reached the Red Canyon of the Five-Finger Mountains with exquisite scenery. After a meal and a little rest, the development team member, 2 persons a group, boarded the adventure boat downstream. The Red Canyon of the Five-Finger Mountains is located in the hinterland of the rain forest, warm in winter and cool in summer, water flow spectacular and dangerous. Both sides of the Strait are full of strange and misty peaks. There is a big drop in the water channel of the Five-Finger Mountains, with continuous man-made water slopes, resulting in steep slopes and urgent water. When adventure boats swooped down, lays of several meters high waves were made. Our hearts cannot help beating quickly, the thrill of feeling cool down made us enjoy ourselves to the full, thus, the courageous desire of everyone aroused. In the middle of the river, we chased one another. Once we met, a water war was sure to happen. In the valley it was full of cheers, screams and laughter. It seemed that a happy symphony was being playing.

Through the rafting activities, we not only experienced the excitement of drifting, learned how to cooperate in teams, but also felt the care and love from colleagues, the team cohesion has been enhanced.

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