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The alumni in the Hainan Alumni Association of the Yangtze River Business College visit ZOSE Group

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2017-03-30

  On March 30, 2017, 16 alumni from the Yangtze River Business College came to ZOSE Group for a field visit. A tea party was held to discuss the status quo and prospects of the company's development. The visit to Alumni Enterprises is a regular activity of Hainan Alumni Association, It aims to deepen understanding, increase exchanges among alumni and seek common development with them. The senior executives from ZOSE Culture, including The Board Chairman Liu Wenjun, the Vice Chairman Qin Jiming, the Vice President as well as General manager Lin Xiangdong, the vice president Sun Yuanbin, accompanied them to pay a visit.

  During the alumni visit, Firstly, they visited Hainan's first full format film city –the ZOSE internal film city in Haikou (Xiying store)in which they visited the distinctive theme Hall and film projection booth backstage, and experienced 4D dynamic film and IMAX film with much interest.

  Subsequently, the alumni drove to the flagship store in Haikou (Guoxing store) to visit, in the VIP hall. They listened to a report about the development of ZOSE Culture lectured by its Vice Board President Qin Jiming.

  During the alumni visit, the development plan was discussed, and the friendship renewed.

  Hainan Alumni Association of the Yangtze River Business College was established in September 2007, adhering to the aim of "promotion of the Yangtze River culture, gathering elites from all walks of life to establish an exchange platform and promote common development”, to build a good exchange and learning platform with the bridge function of alumni.


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