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Alumni of CKGSB in Hainan and Sanya visit the Golden Bay project of ZOSE

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2017-07-17


On July 15, 2017, More than 40 people of CKGSB alumni with hainan propaganda department vice-minister Zhu Hansong, Wang Keqiang, director of Danzhou National People's Congress standing committee, President of the bank of China's hainan branch Chang Bingyan visited to the Golden Bay project of ZOSE, President of ZOSE GROUP Liu Wenjun, manager of ZOSE real estate Jun Liu and sales director Xu Qiurui accompanied.

ZOSE Golden Bay project is be built British style with high quality coastal resort communities in the western city of Danzhou in Hainan, the project have 300 thousand square meters and covers 208 acres, it located in the center area of Binhai New District, Baimajing, Danzhou. At present 1548 households of Phase I have been sold out, 1764 households of Phase II is building now.

The alumni GROUP visited Sales Exhibition Hall of the Golden Bay, project phase I and Phase II construction site, and then held a discussion in the meeting room. On the conference, President of ZOSE GROUP Liu Wenjun introduced the project information to all of alumni including development and construction and sales situation. Meanwhile he discussed the current situation and development prospects of the company with the alumni. The alumni also visited other real estate projects, like as Ocean Flower Island, Yanhong real estate projects and so on. In the meantime, they attended the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between the Danzhou government and the Bank of China Hainan branch in Danzhou Sheraton Hotel. During the "13th Five-Year", Bank of China Hainan branch will provide credit financing for Danzhou government 10 billion Yuan’s support. The Danzhou municipal Party committee secretary Zhang Geng, vice secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor of Hong Wu Zhu ,deputy mayor Gang Lin attended the signing ceremony.

It is understand that visiting alumni company is a regular activity of Alumni Association in CKGSB. It aims to deepen the understanding, expand exchanges and seek common development with excellent alumni through continuous visit to outstanding alumni enterprises.




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