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The Phase II project of ZOSE Golden Bay was formally started building

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2017-09-26


At 9:15 a.m. on July 1, 2017, the "Phase II project of ZOSE Golden Bay” was held opening ceremony in Danzhou Bai Majing. President of ZOSE GROUP Liu Wenjun, Manager of Danzhou Guanghua Ltd Jun Liu, director of engineering Zhang Yaojun and others representatives attended the ceremony and laid the foundation stone for the project.

With President of ZOSE GROUP Liu Wenjun declared beginning, the Phase II project started offically.The construction plant is very boisterous and the scene is so spectacular. Moreover, the scene also held a little ceremony and hoped these project sales successful.

After the ceremony, all representatives and guests visited construction houses of project contractor (Guizhou construction GROUP construction engineering co., ltd 7). The high standard houseing construction and the perfect living facilities of the construction staff are also very few in our province. Subsequently, major managements held the first working conference in the meeting room, both of them were full of confidence in the project, and determined to complete it on time which use high quality, high specification, high efficiency ways .

It is reported that ZOSE Golden Bay project isn’t only another masterpiece work but also it promote the real estate brand and continue to ZOSE concept "slowly life". This project covers 208 acres, and located in the core area of Binhai new district in Bai Majing of Danzhou city. It has a ray of sea view; in future it will be created high quality coastal resort community. At present, the Phase I of the project has been completely sold out; the Phase II of the project covers 124 acres, with total construction area of 158818 square meters and 1764 households. In addition, the greening rate of 42%. Expect the Phase II of the project will be better on tomorrow.



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