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Chengdu ZOSE International Cinemas (CRCC) was opened grandly

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2017-12-29



  On December 23, ZOSE International Cinemas entered the first stop in Southwest China - Chengdu ZOSE International Cinema (CRCC), and Liu Wenjun, chairman of ZOSE Group, Lin Xiangdong, general manager of ZOSE Cinemas, and Wang Ju, chief operating officer of Southwest Company of CRCC Real Estate Group and investment director Wang Dong with 300 guests attended the opening ceremony.

  Chengdu ZOSE International cinema is located in the 4th floor, 186MALL, CRCC PLAZA, No. 38, Donghua No.2 Road, Chenghua District, Chengdu, operating area is 3400 square meters, it is an international five-star standard movie theater which is invested 35 million RMB with 932 seats and 6 halls, including 1 IMAX hall, 1 4D hall, 1 VIP luxury video hall and 3 digital video halls. This is the first IMAX cinema in Chenghua district; the opening of the ZOSE International Cinema will provide a more stylish and convenient movie entertainment experience for the citizens in Chengdu.

  ZOSE Cinemas explored the domestic movie market actively. This year, it opened five new cinemas and completed more than 20 reserves of potential projects.








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