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Building Construction of ZOSE • Golden Bay Phase2 is Completed

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2018-11-02

At 9:58 am on November 1, 2018, ZOSE•Golden Bay Phase2 ushered in a festive moment of completing of building construction. Developers and the construction party gathered together, salute and firecrackers to witness this glory moment.

There are 5 residential buildings in the 2nd phase of ZOSE•Golden Bay, with a total construction area of 158,800 ㎡, of which the commercial supporting area is 8,000 ㎡, which is attracting attention because of the seascape location on the west coast.

Different from the high-turn development mode of large developers, Guanghua Real Estate has built an island model with the attitude of treating art. The second phase of ZOSE•Golden Bay inherits the characteristics of the first phase of building quality improvement, and makes new optimizations in terms of spatial layout, floor view, garden landscape, commercial support, etc. Double balcony and 180° sea view become the main selling point of Phase 2 And the small apartment design below 100 square meters has become the rare house type on Hainan Island, which is the best choice for holiday homes.

Since the launch of the Hainan Free Trade Zone in April this year, the positioning of Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore has made people look ahead to the future of Hainan. In order to stabilize housing prices, the government has introduced the most stringent regulatory measures in history.

Next, we will continue to build your home in mind and ensure that delivery is completed on time.





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