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"Hidden Land in Northern Tibet" won the "Special Award of the Jury" at the Nanshan International Mountain Film Festival of China

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2018-12-19


On December 17, 2018, Awards Ceremony of the 2018 Nanshan International Mountain Film Festival of China was held at the Shenzhen Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center Grand Theatre. The atmosphere was intense and the final award was announced. The “Special Award for the Jury” was won by “Hidden Land in Northern Tibet”. The film was produced by ZOSE Pictures, the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee the Propaganda Department, the Tibet Autonomous Region Tourism Development Committee, and ZOSE Pictures jointly produced the film.

NIMFF has become an annual event for outdoor extreme sports enthusiasts and outdoor mountain filmmakers. In the face of a wide variety of films, the organizing committee specially invited senior editor of CCTV Sports Center, senior film producer Shi Xuping, graduate student tutor Wu Guanping of Beijing Film Academy, and Steve Scott, director of the Kendal Mountain Film Festival in the UK., outdoor extreme film director Adrian Nissen, global explorer, outdoor adventure film award-winning director and photographer Ben Page, Red Bull China Headquarters sports marketing minister Zhang Shengjun and other six domestic and foreign experts judges, on the film The overall creation of the script, director, photography level, screenwriter, structure, music, post-production and other aspects of the overall evaluation, selected 10 films shortlisted.

NIMFF also showed a series of mountain film, award-winning film exhibitions, extreme people sharing sessions, outdoor extreme sports performances, etc. The organizing committee specially invited the film young director Rao Zijun to sharing her experience in filming "Hidden Land in Northern Tibet” and the experience of mountain movies.




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