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"Hidden Land in Northern Tibet" was shortlisted for "China Academy Awards of Documentary Film 2018"

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2018-12-25

“China Academy Awards of Documentary Film” was hosted by the Communication University of China, and the China Documentary Film Research Center, adheres to the unique concept of “national height, academic character, international vision, and Chinese style” and adheres to the standards of fair, objective, academic and authoritative documentary awards, was known as the "Oscar" of the Chinese documentary.

After a long and rigorous work of enrollment, preliminary evaluation and re-evaluation, the award ceremony will be held on the evening of December 28th at the 1400 square meters studio of the Communication University of China. “Hidden Land in Northern Tibet " will compete with nearly 100 documentaries in the competition for 19 prizes!

Lineup of judges of China Academy Awards of Documentary Film 2018:


Honorary Chairman of the Jury: Jacques Perrin

Jacques Perrin, world documentary master, best film of the 42nd Academy Awards, producer, The 31st Venice Film Festival, best actor, representative documentary: "Winged Migration", "Oceans", "Les saisons", “Voyage of Time."


Executive Chairman of the Jury: He Suliu

He Suliu, vice president of the Television School, director of the China Documentary Film Research Center, executive chairman of the China Documentary Academy Awards Jury, professor, doctoral tutor, Chief Editor of “the first blue book of Chinese documentary”, Judges of China (Guangzhou) International Documentary Film Festival, British Oriental Documentary Film Festival, South Korea (Busan) Documentary Film Festival, Chairman of the jury in Student Documentary of China (Guangzhou) International Documentary Film Festival.


Judge: Zhong Danian

He was appointed as vice president of Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TV Program. He is currently the director, professor and doctoral tutor of China Online Video Research Center of Communication University of China.


Judge: Chen Lingzhen (Ruby)

Ruby, an Oscar-winning documentary film selection committee member, has participated in the production of the film including the best documentary of the Venice Film Festival's "1428", the Golden Horse Awards for best documentary " KJ: Music and Life", " Hip-Hop Storm", "Datong", The Hong Kong International Film Festival Documentary Jury Prize "A Young Patriot".


Judge: Dong Ruifeng

He is national first-level literary editor, film writer and producer. He was a judge of the Golden Rooster Award and the Golden Horse Awards. He is currently the Director of the Chief Editor of the Film Channel Program Center.

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