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Sanya ZOSE International Cinemas (Lanhai Shopping Plaza) is officially opened today

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2019-03-15


On March 15th, 2019, Sanya ZOSE International Cinema (Lanhai Shopping Plaza) is officially opened. This is the 11th cinema in the Hainan Province of ZOSE Cinemas and the second ZOSE International Cinema in Sanya. Lin Xiangdong, Chairman of ZOSE Cinemas, General Manager Liu Yang, Deputy General Manager Ye Rui, Zhang Shan, General Managers of other ZOSE International Cinema, owner of Lanhai Shopping Plaza, Hainan Weilong Tourism Co., Ltd. General Manager Ye Yinghua, Hainan Lanhai Commercial Management Co., Ltd. Executive Vice President Huang Huiping, General Manager of Hainan Pusirui Business Management Co., Ltd. Zhang Ting, and nearly 300 people including the publishers Ali Pictures, Huaying Tianxia Pictures, Maoyan Pictures and other guests attended the opening ceremony.

Sanya ZOSE International Cinemas (Lanhai Huating) is located on the 4th floor of Lanhai Shopping Plaza, No. 261 Xinfeng Street, Jiyang District, Sanya. It is adjacent to Sanya Government in the east and Sanya Phoenix Hill Park in the west. It is located in the prosperous and ascendant environment In the meantime. Cinema has 8 halls in total which include a VIP hall, All the theaters use 4K imported digital projectors and Dolby digital stereo sound system to show 3D movies,. In addition to the SPA hall, all the seven halls are equipped with CHEERS First Class seats. The leather is fine and comfortable to work with. It uses professional sponge to resilience and softness. It also good for the back and makes you having better viewing experience.


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