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Changjiang ZOSE International Cinema (Hengji Plaza) was opened

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2019-07-03


It is a particularly hot weather this year in Hainan. The high temperature for several days has not affected the speed of opening in ZOSE International Cinema. On June 28th, the Changjiang ZOSE International Cinema (Hengji Plaza) on the west line of Hainan was grandly opened.

In the first half of this year, there are three theaters of ZOSE CINEMAS were opened in Hainan, namely Sanya ZOSE International Cinema (Lanhai Shopping Plaza), Haikou ZOSE International Cinema (HSF) and Changjiang ZOSE International Cinema (Hengji Plaza). So far, there are 13 theaters of ZOSE CINEMAS in Hainan and firmly occupied the first place in Hainan's market.

In 2012, the first ZOSE International Cinema was opened in Danzhou, Hainan. In the past seven years, ZOSE Cinemas has always insisted on deepening the Hainan market and providing with the first-class movie viewing experience to Hainan people. ZOSE Cinemas gained a number of firsts in Hainan: the first five-star digital cinema on the Western of Hainan, the first IMAX cinema in Haikou, the first IMAX cinema in Sanya, the first countryside Digital cinema, the first full-scale cinema, the first micro-camera, the first cinema which enter the top 50 box office in China, ZOSE International Cinema was nicknamed "the Hainan people's own cinema".

Changjiang ZOSE International Cinema (Hengji Plaza) is located in Hengji Plaza of Changjiang. There are 6 halls: one 4K laser giant curtain hall, one VIP first class hall, four HD laser digital halls, number of seats is 651. ZOSE International Cinema has boosted the quality of local viewing and film from the scale of the cinema and the facilities of the cinema.

During the opening, we prepared a number of special promotions to welcome fans.








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