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Another Wenchang ZOSE International Cinema (Yaoling) will open on September 28

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2021-09-24


Another ZOSE International Cinema in Wenchang has landed. On September 28, Wenchang ZOSE International Cinema (Yaoling) will open soon.

Yaoling cinema will bring a new movie-watching experience in the ZOSE 4.0 era, with health, wisdom, and technology, cinema has an epidemic prevention system with automatic temperature measurement and automatic sterilization, a style experience that makes movie fans rest assured, worry-free and happy when watching movies, and immersive experience.


Wenchang ZOSE International Cinemas (Yaoling) is located on the third floor of Yaoling Plaza, Wencheng East District, Wenchang City, with an area of 3000 square meters and 6 luxurious cinemas, all equipped with panoramic sound + ZOSEMAX, which can accommodate nearly a thousand fans at the same time.



With panoramic sound + ZOSEMAX, you can see clearly no matter how far you sit, and the pictures are lifelike, letting people enter the movie scene. What’s more amazing is that with the development of the story on the screen, you can feel the sound appearing and moving behind, around, and even overhead. Create an atmosphere close to the real world.


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