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Remaining true to our original aspiration and create the future together
ZOSE Culture's 2022 annual work conference was held in Haikou

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2022-03-16


On March 15, 2022, the 2022 annual work conference of Hainan ZOSE Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was held at the Sofitel Haikou. Liu Wenjun, chairman of ZOSE Group, Qin Jiming, vice chairman of ZOSE Culture and general manager of ZOSE Advertising, and Lin Xiangdong, chairman of ZOSE Cinemas , General Manager Liu Yang and the heads of the performing arts and ZOSE Pictures, middle and senior management personnel of various units and departments, and general managers of each cinema nearly 50 stuff attended the meeting, and the heads of other sectors of the group also attended the meeting. The meeting comprehensively summarized the progress of various tasks in the past year, and deployed the main tasks for this year.

Chairman Liu Wenjun made an annual work report on the theme of "Remaining true to our original aspiration and create the future together". He pointed out that this is an important meeting held at a special node. In the past 2021, facing an extremely complex and severe year, we will Stabilize the position, take the initiative to resolve, minimize the adverse effects, and hand over a basically satisfactory result. The year 2022 is a key year for the company to turn losses into profits. All departments and units should decompose the indicators layer by layer, assign responsibilities to people, pay close attention to implementation, and go all out to ensure the achievement of goals and tasks.

Qin Jiming, Vice Chairman of ZOSE Culture and General Manager of ZOSE Advertising, Lin Xiangdong, Chairman of ZOSE Cinemas, Liu Yang, General Manager General Manager, Zhang Shan, Executive Deputy General Manager of ZOSE Cinemas, Gao Mingjun, General Manager of ZOSE Pictures, Jiang Dongzi, Secretary of the Board and Chen Fangmin, CFO of ZOSE Culture etc. made reports on the work of their respective sections.

In the free speech session, Wang Yuliang, deputy general manager of ZOSE Cinemas and general manager of the southwest region, Fu Yujun, legal director, and Zhang Zhao, CFO of ZOSE Group, made speeches successively, put forward opinions and suggestions on this year's work, and made heated discussions.















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