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ZOSE Cinemas Greets New Year's Good Start

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2023-01-28


Where is the most lively during Spring Festival? The cinema!

During year of the Rabbit Spring Festival, it’s been a long time to see so many audiences in cinema. On the premise of doing well in epidemic prevention and control, family and friends came to the cinema, and share the dream time of reunion and happiness in the world of light and shadow.

Films for the Spring Festival of this year is also particularly powerful, a number of domestic new films are released in a concentrated manner, covering ancient costume, science fiction, Animated series and other categories. "Full River Red" and "The Wandering Earth II" are even more dominant. Data display: Spring Festival film total box office is 6.758 billion yuan. The brilliant data and hot popularity make people feel the hot consumption enthusiasm of China and witness the surging economic vitality of China.

As the leader of Hainan local cinema line, the performance of ZOSE International Cinema is particularly eye-catching. Because of its wide layout, many movie halls and good service, ZOSE Cinema has become the first choice for many audiences. The total revenue of the Spring Festival is 16 million yuan, and the total revenue in January is expected to exceed 25 million yuan.

Different from previous Spring Festival films, this year's Spring Festival films have various themes and connotations, which also save enough stamina for this year's Spring Festival. In addition to the two films continuing to lead, Animated series comedy "Boonie Bears:Guardian Code" ,"fantasy animation" Deep Sea "and spy drama" Hidden Blade "all have great potential, and the hot momentum of Spring Festival is expected to continue.

The duck knows first when the river becomes warm in spring. The warmth of the Spring Festival film market has also greatly boosted the confidence of filmmakers and investors. After three years of cold winter, spring is just around the corner for China's film industry!





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