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CAI Chaolin, vice governor of Guizhou Province, led a delegation to visit ZOSE Group

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2023-04-12


On April 10,2023, Cai Chaolin, Vice Governor of Guizhou Province People's Government, led a government delegation to Haikou to attend China International Consumer Products Expo 2023, during which he made a special visit to ZOSE Group to visit Guizhou entrepreneurs in Hainan. Ma Lei, Party Secretary and Director of Guizhou Province Department of Commerce and Party Secretary of Guizhou Investment Promotion Bureau, You Ying, Party Secretary and Director of Jiangxi Province Department of Commerce, Yang Jian, Deputy Director of Guizhou Provincial Department of Commerce, Li Yong, Director of the Third Division of the Secretary of the General Office of Guizhou Provincial People's Government, Xia Wangchun, Director of the International Trade Promotion Division of Guizhou Provincial Department of Commerce, Zhou Xinchun, Deputy Director of Guizhou Provincial Government Office in Guangzhou, Ying Xifan, Director of Hainan Liaison Office, Liu Wenjun, President of Guizhou Chamber of Commerce in Hainan and Chairman of ZOSE Group, Dong Wen, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Executive Vice President Li Jiang and Secretary General Zheng Degang accompanied the visit.

On the afternoon of 10th, Vice Governor Cai Chaolin came to Haikou ZOSE International Cinemas (Guoxing Store) to learn about the operation and development of ZOSE Cinemas, visit the Dolby TMS, and experience the special effects of IMAX movies. whereafter, in the conference room on the 3th floor of the cinema, Chairman Liu Wenjun reported to Vice Governor Cai the development of Guizhou Chamber of Commerce in Hainan Province and the basic situation of the Guizhou’s enterprisers in Hainan, and introduced the development of ZOSE Group. Cai Chaolin highly affirmed the feelings of the vast number of enterprisers who developing in the Hainan island. He encouraged everyone to face the difficulties and make new contributions to the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port and the economic development of their hometown. At the same time, the Government will continue to improve the business environment and actively assist enterprises to solve difficulties and problems encountered in their development.

Relevant personnel from the General Office of the Guizhou Province People's Government and the Guizhou Provincial Department of Commerce were accompanied.





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