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Hainan ZOSE Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: ZOSE Culture, stock code: 430508) was established in November 2003 with a share capital of 68 million Yuan. ZOSE Culture is the core enterprise of ZOSE Group, the leading enterprise of Hainan culture, and the first batch of cultural industry demonstration bases in Hainan Province. It has formed a regional leading advantage in the four major sections of advertising media, performing arts entertainment, cinema line and film & television investment. As of December 2022, it has 29 wholly-owned or holding companies.

Advertising media is the basic section of ZOSE Culture. ZOSE Advertising was founded in July 1996. For more than 20 years, it has focused on advertising and committed to marketing. With the growth of many brands, it has been selected as the "Top 100 Advertising Brands" in Hainan since 2002. In recent years, the focus of ZOSE Advertising has transformed to its own media operations. The exclusive outdoor advertising and pre-screen advertising resources cover more than 80% of the people in Hainan.

Performing arts and entertainment is the starting business of ZOSE Culture. With the original intention of "inheriting excellent culture and building a spiritual home", ZOSE Culture has expanded the Hainan performing arts market with more than 300 domestic and overseas fine performances and more than 1 million audiences. It is the future direction of the performing arts and entertainment section to discover the cultural elements of Hainan, create tourist performances, and upgrade the cultural connotation of the international tourist island.

The cinema line is the key investment direction of ZOSE Culture. After ten years development, ZOSE Cinemas has become the No. 1 cinema brand in Hainan Province's box office revenue and influence. ZOSE Cinemas almost covers the entire island of Hainan, while taking root in mainland cities such as Foshan, Chengdu and Chongqing. As of December 2022, ZOSE Cinemas has opened 24 cinemas with a total of 200 screens, including 6 IMAX and 6 ZOSE DMAX, with a total operating area of 120,000 square meters. By 2025, ZOSE Cinemas will reach more than 50, with a total of more than 300 screens.

At the beginning of 2016, ZOSE Culture began to get involved in the field of film and television investment, striving to form a closed loop of the entire film industry chain through the layout of the front end of the film and television industry and linkage with the terminal of the ZOSE cinema line.

In January 2014, ZOSE Culture was listed and became the first listed company on the NEEQ in Hainan. In early 2022, ZOSE Culture officially launched the IPO transfer board process, striving to enter the main board market within three years, implementing cultural resource integration and cultural product innovation on a higher platform, and creating a cultural brand with national influence.

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