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Haikou ZOSE International cinemas (CIMEN) is located in the 5th Floor, Area A, CIMEN, No. 321, Ye Hai Avenue. Catering, household, super market, bank, club and kids career combined into a super plaza, which has three thousand intelligent parking spaces, it has become business landmark of southern of Haikou.

Haikou ZOSE International Cinemas (CIMEN) is an international five-star standard movie theater which covers an area of 10000 square meters with 1850 seats. Cinema has 17 halls in total which include the second IMAX in Haikou, the first 4D motion seat hall in Hainan, 4K laser ZOSEMAX, VIP, romantic lovers hall, colorful kids hall, 3D, moon pond, Finding Nemo, iPartment, VR, Moments and 5 topic optional halls. ZOSE CINEMAS tries to create an all- formats movie museum.


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