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Wenchang ZOSE International Cinema (SPACE SHINING CITY Branch) is located in Wencheng City, Wen Wei Road, Space Shining City, Building 2, 4th Floor, Wenchang City, price 4D dynamic, is the first large screen studio in Wenchang with 4D dynamic and Dolby panoramic sound laser projection . With a large parking lot close to 3,000 parking spaces, as the future direction of the smart shopping district.

The area of theater is nearly 4,000 square meters. Cinema brings together all the current business film formats: it took the lead in the introduction of professional 4D dynamic / lovers hall, 4K laser panoramic sound curtain hall, luxurious VIP first class, standard 4K laser 3D hall, a total of 1283 seats, forming a movie full format. A bright, gorgeous, dreamy spacious corridor designed solely for the romance of the movie's humanities, becoming the only full-service movie living museum in Wenchang.


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